Everything you need in a realtor website

mobile friendly. simple. fast. reliable.

page options. including. home. about. team. listings. sold. contact. blog. and custom pages.

Introducing the fast & captivating website solutions by Gwenty, we streamline the creation process to make it simple to create your custom realtor website quickly and beautifully. Take full control of your website from top to bottom or let us do that for you. Gwenty is a "must-have" for those that want a professional realtor website that exactly matches their branding, while still being very affordable and simple to maintain.

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    We work with you to incorporate your existing branding and content if you want to modernize your existing website so you don’t have to start from scratch. However we have design and branding experts that will help get your ideas incorporated into your website or they can provide you will designs to choose from to get the creative process kickstarted. We have partnerships for business cards, electronic and print ads, etc.


    A responsive website is a single website that adapts to the device of each unique visitor, whether desktop, smartphone, or tablet. A responsive website dynamically re-sizes its content and imagery for a variety of different screen sizes in order to ensure the website is effective and easy to use on any device.


    Your clients time is important so why make them wait longer than needed for your website to load? Mere seconds make ALL the difference in whether a visitor is going to view your site or continue to view other pages on your website. Our websites are made to load very quickly on all devices with emphasis on mobile.


    Wordpress gives you control over your own web content so you don’t require help updating or changing your websites information, saving you money. It isn't just for blogs but is blog-ready when you are. It's great for Search Engine Optimization which means that your website will rank high in Google search results.


      Package 1:
      $19/month or $200 for 12 months prepaid + $1,000 setup fee.


      Package 2:
      $99/month on a 24 month contract or $2,000 for 24 months prepaid + $150 setup fee. Including monthly support. 

      Setup Fee
      Includes everything needed to get your website up and running including, website design, input of your company text, logo, branding and images, transferring website contact (if applicable), etc.